drumKAT Hybrid

Combined with the DITI, the HybriKIT is the next generation drumKAT.

Notice that the pad layout and sensor is exactly like the original drumKAT/Turbo but there are some significant differences.

  • The substrate is condensed and now the drumKAT bracket is permanently built right into the metal.
  • The metal is much lighter and thinner than the original, but just as strong. The HybriKIT weighs under 6 lbs!!
  • There are no electronics enclosed because like the jamKAT, it uses the brains from the DITI.
  • The HybriKIT contains all of the original functionality found in the drumKAT Turbo. However, unlike it's predecessor, the DITI’s inputs can accept additional membrane switches, dual zone triggers, mesh triggers, controller pedals, and most importantly - FSR Triggers.
  • You’ll notice a tremendous difference in response... Why… the drumKAT had 64 levels of dynamics… the DITI is capable of seeing 1024 dynamic levels!
  • Highly Cost Effective… You don’t need to buy expensive controllers for every new layout that you might use. In addition to powering Alternate Mode's HybriKIT and jamKAT, the DITI can be used to connect the FSR drumheads, pedals, triggers from nearly all electronic percussion manufacturers, making the DITI the superior universal MIDI Interface

 Total DITI Inputs: 6 (of 12)