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DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

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Built In Sound?

With up to 24 Trigger inputs, even the largest drumset can be converted to MIDI with ease. The DITI 3 is the first interface of its kind to power and convert FSR drum triggers to MIDI. Products like the inHEAD and onHEAD from Aquarian DrumHeads are designed to work right out of the box with the DITI 3 for unprecedented dynamic range and control.

With 1024-bit A/D converters built in, the DITI 3 will capture your playing dynamics unlike anything else. Each input can be TRAINED to play within your own personal performance style. Special Interaction Training ensures no false or double triggering, a problem plaguing other trigger to MIDI interfaces.

The DITI 3 can convert piezo triggers, dual zone piezo triggers, membrane switch triggers, cymbal choking cymbals, and multi zone cymbals as well. The DITI 3 also has a Continuous Controller Input for hihat.

If all of this wasn't enough, the DITI 3 incorporates some of the legendary features of the DrumKAT, allowing for Alternate Note Modes, Velocity Shifts Modes and more. There are also 60 Kits available for storage.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the DITI 3 is that the controller stores "profiles" of the various drum triggers on the market. Simply plug in the trigger, identify what you plugged in, call up one of the pre programmed User Kits (for your favorite drum module or vst soft synth) and your done. But unlike a forced default, you can learn to tweak to the finest detail to get the DITI 3 to respond to your every desire.

Here are some of the highlights in the new DITI 3:

  • The DITI 3 includes 50 Kits with each kit having three percussion instruments laid out across the pads. 
  • These sounds are the most incredible percussion sounds you have ever heard, each meticulously sampled, velocity switched and layered across the pads.
  • The 4 GigaByte Sound Library is the same soundset as our new gigKAT GS EXTended, that is now offered both internally in our malletKATs, and as an external sound module
  • The DITI 3 has balanced stereo ¼” outputs, 2 ¼” inputs for mixing external sounds to its output, along with a volume controlled ¼” headphone jack.
  • NEW single cable connector (HD15) makes the connection to your jamKAT or hybriKIT easy.  The 12 input jacks, allowing up to 24 triggers are also available along with the connected jamKAT.
  • The DITI’s software has been updated to allow for total control of up to 8 CC’s per Kit.  This gives the user the ability to control individual reverb, chorus, ADSR settings within each kit.

The only difference between DITI 2.5 and DITI 3 is the addition of a built in Sound Module on the DITI 3 and the built in Kits that come with it. 

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