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DrumKAT 2.5-3.8 to TURBO 4.5 Upgrade

DrumKAT 2.5-3.8 to TURBO 4.5 Upgrade

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This upgrades your DrumKAT 2.5-3.8 to a DrumKAT TURBO 4.5.

Here is a short list of Turbo features:

128 Alternating Notes per pad
Ability to Link up to 3 pads together on a single hit
Control Paths-the ability to send discreet controller number values per hit on pads
16 MSB/LSB program change commands per kit
Expanded Motif Generator with the ability to have motifs transposed
Directional control of Transpositions
Dynamically Allocated Memory allows for more than 30 kits (up to 48)
Expanded CNTRL pad functions (tempo value, program change, etc as pad hits)

Your DrumKAT MUST be sent in for this upgrade. Please call our office at 413-594-0217 for a Return Authorization Number.
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