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GEMS MalletKAT Express and DrumKAT STANDING Stand

GEMS MalletKAT Express and DrumKAT STANDING Stand

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This stand height adjusts from 28" to 42". Comes with two 16.5" mounting arms with adjustable rubber stoppers.

* 16.5-inch mounting arms with adjustable stoppers give ample mounting space to handle most electronics and mount to the 12" x 1.5" T bar located at the top of the stand. Arms fold up for easy transport.
* Hinged height adjustment with Gibraltar's exclusive no metal-to-metal contact points adjusts from lowest setting of 28" to 42" standing position
* Tripod base is built with 3/4" single bracing with a 20 to 28-inch wide tripod stance with solid foundation rubber feet on a 1 1/4" tube
* Folds for easy transport

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