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gigKAT 2 Sound Module

gigKAT 2 Sound Module

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The gigKAT 2 gives you great sounding vibraphones, marimbas, timpani, chimes, bells, crotales, xylophone, drum sets, and orchestral battery percussion - as well as basses, guitars, pianos, organs, winds, vocals, synths, and much more. See the patch list PDF for a complete list.
Leave your computer at home! The gigKAT 2 is a compact, lighweight module designed for direct connectivity for the working electronic percussionist.
It contains over 4Gb of high quality sounds - everything the modern percussionist will need for their next show!
For power users, the gigKAT 2 is capable of streaming 256 voice, multi-timbre polyphony over 16 MIDI channels.
Preset malletKAT User Kits will be available for download on the Alternate Mode website, and is also be available in the malletKAT 8.5 firmware chip.

How does this compare to the original gigKAT?

The original gigKAT's sound engine was developed by Kurzweil Music Systems as a part of their PC-3 series of MIDI synthesizers. Though it was designed for keyboardisists, the engine had very pleasant keyboard percussion and timpani sounds that even improved upon the sounds contained in the PC-2R - a rack-mountable sound module that was very popular among malletKAT owners until it was discontinued. The unit's 256MB of sound memory included dedicated memory for drum sounds that were exclusive to Alternate Mode.

By contrast, the gigKAT 2 was developed with a specific focus on chromatic percussion. It is a 4Gb collection of 13,090 multi-layered digital samples - over 16 times that of its predecessor - that contains multiple choices of vibraphones, marimbas, and timpani, along with orchestral chimes, bells, xylophones, celeste, crotales and concert percussion as well at Latin Percussion and drum sets.

Of course, it also contains a great sounding assortment of non-percussion instruments, including guitars, basses, pianos, organs, brass and wind instruments, etc. In all, there are over 1000 programs and 37 complete drumkits available on the gigKAT2.

Best of all, the price retails for less money than the original gigKAT. 

The firmware chip is only compatible with version 4.0 or higher. Older versions require a hardware board upgrade. Please include your malletKAT's serial number.
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