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The GIGKAT GS EXT is the new and improved version of the GIGKAT GS.  The GIGKAT GS was jam packed with hundreds of sounds and as well as fantastic percussion libraries including 

  • Latin Percussion Library
  • World Percussion Library
  • Asian Percussion Library
  • Middle East Percussion Library
  • Orchestral Chromatic Percussion Library
  • A host of vibraphones, marimba, steel pan.
  • Guitars, Keys, Basses, Leads, Drums and much much more.

 On top of all that, we have managed to improve it even more!!  The GIGKAT GS EXT now includes an expanded ethnic percussion library including newly created “hybrid” melodic/percussion kits.

We have also added a sleek all metal enclosure, balanced TRS ¼” outputs¼” headphone output jack, 7 db increase in output, and significantly improved dynamic range. It also has 4 GB's of sample memory and the largest ethnic percussion library on any sound module including an incredible library of chromatic percussion and much, much more.

The GS9.5 firmware chip is included, and can be easily installed at home to take advantage of the additional performance features available in the gigKAT GS EXT. The firmware chip is only compatible with version 4.0 or higher. Older versions require a hardware board upgrade. Please include your malletKAT's serial number and current version so that we send you the correct firmware chip.

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