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The jamKAT connects to our DITI 3 or FTB trigger interface.

Introducing the World's Most Powerful Hand Drum Ever Created, the JamKAT.

The JamKAT plugs into a DITI 3 or FTB Trigger Interface. 

The jamKAT includes a HD15 cable output to HD 15 cable input that connects directly to the DITI 3 or FTB. You can use 1/4" cables to connect to your drum module or purchase our HD15 Output Cable (HD15 to 12 1/4" mono plugs) that connect to the drum module.

 NOTE: If using the FTB's 1/4"stereo outputs for the jamKAT, it may be necessary to split the stereo signal into 2 mono outputs (depending on your sound source). A stereo to dual mono "Y" cable like the Stagg YC-01/1PS2PFH can be used for this application, however it is recommended to purchase the HD15 Output Cable for convenience.
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