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KT-M1 Sound Module

KT-M1 Sound Module

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KT-M1 SOUND MODULE (built by 2Box)

The module has 4GB of sounds built in. That’s more memory than most of the drum modules on the market. It is also possible to use a third party upgrade to expand the module to a whopping 32GB of sounds.

What makes this module so special is its ability to play buzz rolls and crescendos, thanks to multi sampled layers. You will be amazed just how realistic this module can sound.

There is a PC and MAC Editor, allowing you to create your own sounds and loops. The Editor accepts wav files and converts them to the module’s proprietary format. You can download and upload them directly into the module via the USB port.

Includes plastic mounting bracket.


  • 44.1kHz sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters

  • 4GB of sound memory with third party expandability up to 32GB

  • 15 Universal Trigger inputs configured as kick, snare with rim, 4 toms with rim,hi-hat with 3 cymbals

  • 3 zone snare and cymbals are supported

  • 4 Audio Outputs

  • Line In

  • MIDI IN and OUT

  • USB for data transfer

  • Multilayered sounds for unparalleled sound quality and playing feel

  • Built in Metronome or connect your media player into the Line In

  • Sound Editor (Windows and Mac) to create your own kits

    NOTE* Attention trapKAT v5KS Users. You can purchase the KT-M1 and create your own kits with the v5 trapKAT... The v6 chip is NOT compatible with the Factory and User Kits of v5. If you want to use our kits (you really should), you will need to upgrade your software....Remember however, you will lose your Kurzweil Kits and will then need to recreate them manually as the v5 SYSEX dump will not work with the v6 software chip.
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