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malletKAT 8.5 Firmware Upgrade/Preset Chip

malletKAT 8.5 Firmware Upgrade/Preset Chip

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in circuit boards over the years, we will need your instrument serial number, current software and whether or not there is a (+) or (-) on the start up screen . Please include the malletKAT serial number in the COMMENTS section when completing your order.

This firmware upgrade chip will provide access to the latest performance features introduced in the malletKAT 8, and contain 128 pre-set User Kits that will be retained when the instrument is reinitialized.

V3.6 - (software) Dampen Type 1 & 2, MSB/LSB Bank Changes, Improved Mono Mode

V4.1 - (software) Additional Foot Controller Functions, Velocity Shift Mode, RTC - Real Time Controller Performance Mode, Loop Latch Performance Mode, Reassignment Loop Mode and Advancements, Auto Melody Chord Mode, Warp Mode

V5.0 - (software) Velocity Shift Mode, Alternate Note Mode, Virtual Control Wheel, Controller Value Preset, Augmented Rhythms for Metronome

V6.1 - (software) Dead Stroking, Group Latch, MIDI Note Footswitch, Bank Changes Updates LSB/MSB , MIDI Notes to program Change, New User Kits, Redesigned Metronome

V7.0 – (software) Power to warp mode, More program changes per kit, Reassignment mode now can be assigned to either controller

V8.0 - (software) More Controller Control, Improved Dampening, Global Function Preset Changes, KIT 128 is now Preassigned for Controller Use for the Outside World

V8.5 - (software) Now Allows 4 Controller Settings Per Kit, Does Not Return Controllers to Zero When Leaving the Kit

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