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malletKAT GS EXTENDED Sound Card Retrofit

malletKAT GS EXTENDED Sound Card Retrofit

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Breathe new life into your older malletKAT by adding an internal GS EXTENDED Sound Card. 

The GS EXTENDED internal sound card can be retrofitted into any aluminum body* malletKAT.
Price includes the GS audio card, firmware chip, installation, testing, and return shipping within the continental United States**
PLEASE NOTE:  The USB Flash feature will not be available with the upgrade.
  • Retrofits are performed in our factory, and will require the malletKAT owner to ship their controller to us. After placing your order, we will send you instructions/guidance on how to safely ship your controller to our factory.
  • All instruments will be thoroughly inspected and tested, both before and after the retrofit process. Should your instrument require additional repairs (e.g. damaged ports, dead sensors, etc...) we will notify you of these repair needs before completing the retrofit. As a part of this offer, all repairs will be discounted 20% off prices listed on the website.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the retrofit process, we urge you to contact us before placing your order. 
*Please include the serial number from your unit when placing your order.
** Unfortunately, we cannot retrofit older, steel body malletKAT frames. Please contact us for suggestions on alternatives.
*** Additional shipping charges will be added manually for any retrofit returns outside of the continental United States. Please contact us using the form below before placing your order for estimates on additional shipping.
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