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malletKAT Replacement FSR Sensor (NON Master Octave)

malletKAT Replacement FSR Sensor (NON Master Octave)

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This FSR Sesnor is for the malletKAT Octave Expander, or any octave on the malletKAT except for the master octave (the octave with the function pads and LCD display). Replacement sensor comes with new pads and pad shortcut labels pre-attached.

It is highly recommended that you send in your MalletKAT for this repair for a 6 month warranty of the FSR itself. No warranty of FSR is provided for user installation.

We will need your serial number from the bottom of your unit.  Please include this number in the comments section when ordering.

All sensor are now WHITE.  We no longer have Gold or Grey replacement FSR sensors.

Pad height is 3/8".  If your unit has 1/2" pads, please be aware that these are no longer available.  

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