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trapKAT 6.0 Firmware Upgrade Chip

trapKAT 6.0 Firmware Upgrade Chip

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This firmware upgrade chip will provide access to the latest performance features introduced in the trapKAT 6, and contains 24 pre-set User Kits that will be retained when the instrument is reinitialized.

The trapKAT v 6.0 chip now contains the addition of the following:

- 48 kits designed for the KT-M1 Sound Module

- The ability to access other kits via program changes within the kit

- You can now send 9 controller changes per kit including reverb, chorusing, ADSR setting and brightness control

LINK. It is now possible to link any pad to any pad. This means that when a pad is linked, striking that one pad will play the notes from two pads.

ALTERNATE 16. Up to 16 notes can be played on one pad in an alternate fashion. It is possible to use (silence) as a note value so that rhythms can sound by simply playing even 16ths on a pad.

ALTERNATE PAD FUNCTIONS. Pads can be set to FREEZE an alternate pattern or RESET an alternate pattern. These functions can operate globally to all the pads, or just function on the pad assigned.

CONTINUOUS DATA. Any pad can be assigned to send out continuous control data on a pad. The MIDI note number assignment becomes the CC# number and the velocity of the hit becomes the CC value. Minimum and Maximum CC ranges are assigned by velocity minimum and maximum settings.

The same pad can also simultaneously send out up to 16 MIDI notes per pad.

MSB/LSB BANK and PROGRAM CHANGES. Up to four bank and program changes can now be sent out per kit.

MIDI CLOCK. The TrapKAT can send a MIDI Clock Start/Stop Command. When this function is enabled, pad 23 becomes a tap tempo pad and pad 24 functions as a Clock Start,Stop pad.

HEAR SOUND. While editing, it is now possible to toggle Hear Sound on and off. This feature enables the user to turn on or off the ability to hear the note number that is being assigned to a pad.

MEMORY PROTECT. The TrapKAT will now store your preference of Memory Protect ON or OFF and will power back on to your selection.

GLOBAL TUNNEL PAD. Several pad functions have been consolidated to be listed on pad 18. Pad 19 will change the value associated with that function. This feature allows more Global Functions to be added to the TrapKAT.

 If you are NOT comfortable with performing this yourself, we can do it for you here at the factory. Please contact us for arrangements.

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